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Launched earlier this year by the Demand-Side Management initiative (DSM IA), the DSM University, or DSM-U, is targeted at a wide and varied audience including policymakers, managers and programme implementers. At the heart of the DSM-U are the webinars. These are developed by Leonardo Energy, an initiative of DSM IA participant, the European Copper Alliance.  Focus is on six major themes that cover the key aspects of DSM and allow anyone to find information on their areas of interest.  The web-based programme also includes a variety of task reports, issue reports, blogs, e-learning and much more.  Visit the website for further information.   

Behaviour Change & Energy News - published weekly by Dr. Sea Rotmann, Task 24: Closing the Loop - Behaviour Change in DSM: From Theory to Policies and Practice
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Spotlight Newsletter - Issue 52 - February 2014