DSM or IDSM or DR or just simply – energy efficiency?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose – By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Many of us have learnt through Juliet’s remark to Romeo, as told by Shakespeare, that the name is not the issue. It is the substance that counts.

It is the same with Demand Side Management. You may call it whatever you like as long as you are doing the right thing and what you are doing ends up with improvements in energy efficiency.

DSM was the hype in the 1980s but was then shunned in many countries and almost was turned into a four-letter word. It has then come back and been extended a bit to IDSM (Integrated Demand Side Management) as distributed generation was made part of the concept.

Some who have concentrated on the capacity of systems (power and kW rather than kWh) were happy with only DR (Demand Response).

For us in the DSM-Programme it doesn’t matter very much what it is called as long as energy efficiency is the result.

We may however be a bit more distinct in making clear that we want to count humans as a resource and not only technologies. This is because we want to raise the acceptance and the uptake of technologies and spread the energy efficient behaviour. And that requires that real people are involved because they prefer efficiency to waste.

We want:

  • to change the load level in systems because we know that we can do more with less
  • to change the load shape since we know that congestion in lines is costly
  • better planning so we are using the least costly resources instead of expensive and polluting
  • business models to develop so energy efficiency can be bought “over the counter”

One of the things we are about to develop is the DSM-University where we want to bring the knowledge to wider audiences and we want to do that in co-operation with others that are of the same mind. First part of this DSM-University will be webinars arranged regularly once a month beginning February 4th  (http://www.leonardo-energy.org/webinar/esco-market-development-role-facilitators-play).

Stay tuned! And remember that it is not about what we call it – it is about what we achieve.