Hans Nilsson blog: Time to ramp up the multiple benefits

It was a paradigm shift when the IEA published its first findings on multiple benefits a few years ago. Firstly since it was recognised that energy efficiency seldom occurred isolated but in most cases had important companions – benefits that also have impact on industrial output and building performance to mention some. Secondly that these benefits could be so many and that their value could easily outperform the money value of saved energy.

Now it is time to take these findings further! It is encouraging that so many have recognised and acknowledged the existence of such benefits but we are still walking in the dark as to how we can make sense of the benefits and allow them to impact decisions in business situations. We are in desperate need of instruments that translate these benefits to business values that could change the course for companies behaviour.

The IEA DSM Programme is prepared, in its Task 26 “Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency”, to take decisive steps to change this and to provide decision-makers with tools that will change this for the better. Stay tuned or even better join us.