Hans Nilsson blog: Time to ramp up the multiple benefits

Anne Bengtson, 29 March 2016

It was a paradigm shift when the IEA published its first findings on multiple benefits a few years ago. Firstly since it was recognised that energy efficiency seldom occurred isolated but in most cases had important companions – benefits that also have impact on industrial output and building performance to mention some. Secondly that these […]

Spotlight Newsletter Issue 57 June 2015

Anne Bengtson, 21 June 2015

- Task 15 – Network Driven DSM: Impacts of Demand-Side Resources on Electric Transmission Network Planning – Note from the Chairman: We don’t Google – Task 17: Demand Flexibility – Dream or Reality – Task 16: A Role for Facilitators to Play – National Perspectives Download Spotlight Newsletter here

Spotlight Newsletter Issue 56 March 2015

Anne Bengtson, 21 June 2015

- Task 25: Beware: Energy Efficiency Services in the Making! – Note from the Chairman: We’ve got a new logo! – DSM University – Task 24: Did You Behave As We Designed You To? – Monitoring and Evaluating Behavioural Change in Demand Side Management – South Korea:  Energy Paradigm Shifts from Supply to Demand – […]

Spotlight Newsletter – Issue 55 – December 2014

8 December 2014

- Task 20: Branding Energy Efficiency – Note from the Chairman – DSM University: Webinar – Taking Stock – 40 years of industrial energy audits – Task 23: Smart Grids from a Consumer Perspective – Task 24: The hard life of ESCo Facilitators – If only the client knew, understood, trusted, cared and engaged… – […]

Spotlight Newsletter – Issue 54 – October 2014

10 October 2014

- Task 24: Storytelling illustrates how we are changing our energy path – Note from the Chairman: Demand Side Management is getting back on track – DSM Programme: The times they are a-changin’ – Task 17: DSM workshop @ Austria’s smart grids week – Task 17: The aim of Phase 3 – IEA DSM publications: […]

Demand Side Management “University” up and running

21 September 2014

Click here to learn more.

Spotlight Newsletter – Issue 53 – May 2014

14 May 2014

- Task 24: Is storytelling the answer to many of our (translation) problems? – Note from the Chairman: The dawn of information – Energy Services Stakeholder Day – Task 16: Competitive Energy Services – DSM University: A Task for the DSM University – Task 21: Harmonisation of energy savings calculations – The Energy Conference – […]

DSM or IDSM or DR or just simply – energy efficiency?

29 January 2014

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose – By any other name would smell as sweet.” Many of us have learnt through Juliet’s remark to Romeo, as told by Shakespeare, that the name is not the issue. It is the substance that counts. It is the same with Demand Side Management. You […]

A DSM for every need

27 September 2013

The concept Demand Side Management (DSM) is increasingly being used in very different circumstances and with different purposes. This wide use is a positive trend, but there is a risk that some actors may start to narrow the definition of DSM. The result could be that DSM means different things to different people and the […]

Task 16 – Energy Contracting:

2 December 2012

How much can it Contribute to Energy Efficiency in the Residential Sector? Transaction and Life Cycle Cost Analyses, Market Survey and Statistical Potential

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