2015 Bright Business Conference – Energy Efficiency: Leading by Example

20 October 2015 all-day
Cunard Centre
961 Marginal Rd
Halifax, NS B3H 4N4

Join more than 250 business leaders and professionals on Tuesday, October 20th at the Cunard Centre in Halifax, for the fourth annual Bright Business Conference.

You should attend the Bright Business Conference if you want to:

  • Learn how to make energy efficiency work in your business:improve your bottom line and your reputation while positively contributing to our province’s economy and environment.
  • Be inspired by engaging speakers and experts who will share their knowledge, best practices and lessons learned.
  • Benefit from networking opportunities and exchange ideas with like-minded business leaders.

In all corners of the province, Nova Scotians are leading by example and together we’ve improved our economy and our environment through increased energy efficiency. We’ve created an industry that employs more than 1,200 young, innovative professionals across the province. We’ve improved quality of life with warmer more affordable homes to live in. We’ve made businesses more competitive through lower operating costs.

It’s no wonder that other jurisdictions are watching what’s happening in Nova Scotia. Recently, the Province’s Electricity Review Report reiterated Nova Scotians’ support for energy efficiency and the critical role it should play in the future of our electricity system. The report noted that meeting our current and future electricity needs will require increases to electricity efficiency, and stated that, “One of the best ways to manage future electricity supply costs is to use less electricity.”