Webinar: Simplified Measurement & Verification for Energy, Water and CO2- Savings – the Task 16 approach

16 December 2015 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Register here: http://www.leonardo-academy.org/course/details.php?id=362

About the webinar: Measurement & Verification (M&V) is a prerequisite to assess the quantitative outcomes and performance of energy, water or CO2 saving measures and to translate ‘NWh’ into savings cash flows for financing and other purposes.

Task 16 proposes simplified M&V approaches for electricity, heat, water or CO2 saving measures in combination with so called quality assurance instruments to verify the functionality and quality of ECMs, but not necessarily their exact quantitative outcome.

We would like to introduce the concept and discuss applicability and limitations of these approaches.

PS: IPMVP has recently formed subcommittee to explore further options based on the Task 16 paper.

Speaker: Jan W. Bleyl – Energetic Solutions is an independent consultancy with 20+ years of experience in energy efficiency and renewable project development and implementation in national and international contexts, many of them ESCo projects.

Since 2006, Jan leads Task 16, the Energy Service Task of IEA DSM, which brings together experts from around the world, who join forces to advance ESCo models and markets.

Since 1994 he developed and managed the ESCo division of Berlin Energy Agency and served as authorized manager (Prokurist). Since 2002 he joined Graz Energy Agency for 10 years.

Jan has a special interest in bankable project calculations, translating MWh into cash flows and vice versa (for technical due diligence).

Moderator: Hans De Keulenaer
Hans De Keulenaer is Director of Energy & Electricity at the European Copper Institute (ECI), a non-profit organisation working towards the support and expansion of copper and copper alloy’s markets in Europe. He has over 25 years of experience in running international campaigns for companies and international organisations in the industrial sector. His current interests are sustainable energy systems, e-learning, quality of supply, smart & age-adaptive buildings and energy regulation.