IEA DSM Technology Collaboration Program


‘Promoting Energy Efficiency and Demand-Side Management for global sustainable development and for business opportunities’

The Demand-Side Management Technology Collaboration Program (DSM TCP) is one of more than 40 co-operative energy technology programs within the framework of the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Since 1993, the IEA DSM Technology Collaboration Program has worked to develop and promote tools and information on demand-side management and energy efficiency. As a result of this collaborative work between countries in Australasia, Europe and North America, the DSM TCP has created a ‘tool box’ of resources and information for governments, utilities and energy companies to help them incorporate DSM measures into their energy policies, projects and activities.

Thus, for anyone who wants to develop or use demand-side management activities or related policies, the IEA DSM TCP should be the natural first resource to consult to make use of experiences learned and to further develop DSM and Energy Efficiency tools.


Rob Kool, Chair and Task 24 Operating Agents, Dr Ruth Mourik (l) and Dr Sea Rotmann (r)