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Austria: International Energy Agency Austria Review 2014 – Executive Summary and Key Publications

1 September 2015

Austria’s energy policy strives to promote economic growth, environmental protection and security of energy supply in a balanced manner. Since the last IEA in-depth review, which was published in 2008, economic growth has been slow while climate policy has had an increasing impact on the energy sector in Austria. The focus on security of supply has expanded from oil to natural gas and, more recently, to electricity.

Austria: Energy Efficiency in Europe – Assessment of Energy Efficiency Action Plans and Policies in EU Member States: Country Report Austria 2013

1 September 2015

This report is one of 27 country reports published within the Energy Efficiency Watch project and assesses both ambition and quality of EU Member States´ energy efficiency action plans and policy implementation (see more at

Austria: Energy Efficiency Policies and Measures in Austria

1 September 2015

ODYSSEE – MURE 2010: Monitoring of EU and national energy efficiency targets

New Zealand: Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) Annual Report 2013/14

31 August 2015

We are working to make New Zealand a better place to live – economically, environmentally and socially – through the better use of energy.

Netherlands: International Energy Agency Netherlands Review 2014 – Executive Summary and Key Publications

31 August 2015

Since the last International Energy Agency (IEA) in-depth review published in 2008, the Netherlands has succeeded in consolidating its energy policy within the EU 2020 energy and climate targets. Amid challenges imposed by the global financial and economic crisis and changing energy markets, the Dutch energy policy emerges reinforced to leverage both economic growth and a sustainable energy economy.

Netherlands: The Agreement for Sustainable Growth: a policy in practice

31 August 2015

On 6 September 2013, the Netherlands took a bold step towards a sustainable future. After an eight-month negotiation process, forty-seven organisations signed the Agreement on Energy for Sustainable Growth. The Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER) facilitated this process.

Netherlands: Energy Efficiency Policies and Measures in the Netherlands

31 August 2015

ODYSSEE – MURE 2012 – Monitoring of EU and national energy efficiency targets.

Netherlands National Energy Outlook (NEO) 2014 – Summary

5 August 2015

The National Energy Outlook (NEO) outlines the current state of the Dutch energy system. The NEO describes the observed development from 2000 up to the present, as well as expected developments up to 2030. It covers physical indicators, such as energy supply, energy demand and greenhouse gases emissions, and economic indicators, such as Economic Value Added and employment related to energy. The NEO aims to provide a fact base for the societal debate about energy in the Netherlands.


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