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Task 24 – Subtask 8: The Behaviour Changer Framework

24 July 2016

This peer-reviewed publications explains the Subtask 8 Behaviour Changer Framework – our ‘magic carpet’ for collective impact assessment and collaboration. It will be presented at the 2016 ACEEE summer study and BEHAVE conferences.

Task 24 – Subtask 9: SCE-funded psychometric scale testing Report Final

24 July 2016

The ‘beyond kWh’ psychometric testing of scales funded by Southern California Edison.

Task 24 – Subtask 9: Evaluating Energy Culture: Identifying and validating measures for behaviour-based energy interventions

24 July 2016

Ford, Karlin and Frantz presented this peer-reviewed Subtaks 9 paper at the 2016 IEPEC conference.

Task 24: Energy News magazine article

24 July 2016

Energy News Magazine, the largest online energy news source in New Zealand, attended the international Task 24 workshop as part of the Energy Cultures conference in Wellington, July 8, 2016. This is their write-up.

Task 24 – Subtasks 6 and 7: Combined notes from Behaviour Changer Workshops

24 July 2016

This is a collection of workshop minutes from Task 24 workshops in the participating countries (NZ, NL, SE, IE) plus Canada and the ECEEE summer study, BECC, BEHAVE and Energy Cultures conference workshops. [Will be updated twice a year]

Task 24 – Subtask 9: ‘Exploring Deep Savings: A Toolkit for Assessing Behavior-Based Energy Interventions’

24 July 2016

This is a peer-reviewed paper on the Subtask 9 ‘beyond kWh’ toolkit presented by Karlin, Ford and McPherson-Frantz at the 2015 IEPEC conference.

Task 24 – 5th Annual Report (2015)

17 December 2015

This is the 5th Annual Report of Task 24 to the IEA DSM Executive Committee. It outlines all objectives, deliverables and achieved milestones, as well as all publications, conference presentations, lectures and webinars etc plus the plan for the upcoming year and stakeholder and industry engagement of the Task.


Task 24: Subtask 4 – Italy Country Recommendations

22 October 2015

These are the final recommendation, to do’s and not to do’s for Italy for Phase I.

Task 24: Subtask 4 – Austria Country Recommendations

22 October 2015

These are the final recommendations, to do’s and not to do’s for Austria for Phase I.

Task 24: Subtask 2 – Austria’s Energy Hunt & €CO2 Management

22 October 2015

This report highlights two in-dept case studies from Austria – the Energy Hunt (Energiejagd) and €CO2 Management. Both were projects undertaken within wider EU programmes and they tackled the same issue – residential energy use reduction, with very different approaches: The Energy Hunt was highly social, had a gamification element and was low tech; €CO2 management was based on the neoclassical deficit model (provide information and incentives) and more high tech in its feedback mechanisms. They both saved some energy but the Energy Hunt was arguably more successful, particularly in the participation and enjoyment of end users who were a more active part of the creation and implementation of the programme.


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