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Task 24 – Subtask 3: Deliverable 3 Methodology Review

23 June 2015

Beth Karlin (University of California Irvine) and a team of researchers kindly undertook a large-scale methodological review of literature in the domestic feedback and building retrofit domains. The goal of the review was to identify any standard methods of collecting data to assess the success of behavioural interventions. The main findings of this report are that, clearly: there is no standard methodology of collecting data and evaluating behavioural interventions; there is too little information given in most papers to recreate meaningful evaluation; and we need to develop an internationally-validated tool to collect data that proves that a behavioural intervention was successful, why (not), how and via what means.

Subtask 3 Deliverable 3 Methodology Review

Task 24 – Subtask 3: Deliverable 3A Evaluation Positioning Paper

23 June 2015

“Did you behave as we designed you to?” This is the second deliverable of Subtask 3 on monitoring and evaluating behaviour change programmes. It is a positioning paper that looks at how different disciplines evaluate behaviour, the many challenges Behaviour Changers face when trying to evaluate behaviour and some possible solutions.
Subtask 3 Deliverable 3A Final Report

The Life of ESCo Project Facilitators_A Task 24 Perspective

1 July 2014

Beyond economic rationale or environmental awareness, energy efficiency projects require organizational and psychological change processes on the client side. In order to support Facilitators and project development, this paper seeks answers to questions like: What are the most promising tools to be used by Facilitators? What is the role of Facilitators/intermediairies in this process? What psychological and organisational culture changes are conducive to success? The paper was written by Task 24 and initiated and commissioned by Task 16.

The life of ESCo facilitators_full report

Task 24 – Subtask 1: The Monster Storybook

18 January 2014

Task 24 – Subtask 1: The Monster Storybook is a published summary showing examples of case studies, recommendations and evaluation metrics from the domains building retrofits, smart meter/feedback, SMEs and transport.

Task 24 – Subtask 1: The ‘Monster’ Case Study Analysis

15 November 2013

Task 24 – Subtask 1: The ‘Monster’, as we fondly call it, is our Case Study Analysis showing how different models of understanding behaviour or theories of change were applied – explicitly or implicitly to real-life interventions in the domains building retrofits, smart meter/feedback, SMEs and transport.

Task 24 – Subtask 3: IEPPEC paper

2 July 2013

Matt Batey (Belgian expert) and Ruth Mourik wrote a paper for the IEPPEC 2014 conference proceedings.

Task 24 – Subtask 1: Definitions

2 July 2013

Following expert feedback at the Oxford 2012 workshop, we developed, in collaboration with our Task 24 experts, a set of definitions to be used for this Task.

Task 24 – Subtasks 1&2: UKERC Meeting Place Oxford Workshop report

2 July 2013

This report is an excellent, in-depth summary of the largest Task 24 report, on October 9-10, 2012 in Oxford.

Task 24 – Subtask 1: Positioning Paper for Oxford Workshop

2 July 2013

This positioning paper details the thinking for approaching Subtask 1, based on knowledge developed during the Brussels workshop in September 2012. Note that the Oxford workshop, for which this positioning paper was developed, led to a significant re-think of some of the issues discussed here. However, in order to understand the development of Subtask 1 in Task 24, this paper plays an important role.

Task 24 – Concept Paper Theoretical Underpinning

2 July 2013

This was the paper outlining the theoretical underpinning of Task 24. The work plan was based on this paper after discussing with experts and ExCo from participating countries.

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