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Task 24 – Subtasks 1&2: UKERC Meeting Place Oxford Workshop report

2 July 2013

This report is an excellent, in-depth summary of the largest Task 24 report, on October 9-10, 2012 in Oxford.

Task 24 – Subtask 1: Positioning Paper for Oxford Workshop

2 July 2013

This positioning paper details the thinking for approaching Subtask 1, based on knowledge developed during the Brussels workshop in September 2012. Note that the Oxford workshop, for which this positioning paper was developed, led to a significant re-think of some of the issues discussed here. However, in order to understand the development of Subtask 1 in Task 24, this paper plays an important role.

Task 24 – Concept Paper Theoretical Underpinning

2 July 2013

This was the paper outlining the theoretical underpinning of Task 24. The work plan was based on this paper after discussing with experts and ExCo from participating countries.

Task 24 – Subtask 1: ELCAS conference paper

2 July 2013

This paper was presented by Task 24’s Swiss Expert Dr Vicente Carabias-Hütter at the 3rd International Exergy, Life Cycle Assessment, and Sustainability Workshop & Symposium in Nisyros Greece (ELCAS).

Task 24 – Subtask 1: Task 23 Minutes Oxford

5 November 2012

Summary of Task 24 workshop in Oxford

Task 24 – Phase I: Final Workplan

12 June 2012

This is the final workplan for Task 24 Closing the Loop – Behaviour Change in DSM: From Theory to Practice. It outlines the objectives, deliverables and responsibilities among participating countries and experts.

Task 24: Paper for eceee summer study 2013

12 June 2012

This paper was accepted for Panel 1 in the 2013 eceee summer study (www.eceee.org)

Task 24: First Flyer

19 February 2012

Task 24Flyer

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