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Co-operative Procurement – Market Acceptance for Innovative Energy-Efficient Technologies (scanned book)

8 July 2015

Co-operative Procurement – Market Acceptance for Innovative Energy-Efficienct Technologies (scanned book)

Task 3 Final Management Report – Co-operative Procurement of Innovative Technologies, May 2000

1 May 2000

Task 3 “Co-operative Procurement” was carried out during 1994 – 1999 with eight countries and the European Commission as participants. A procedure for collaborative procurement actions for introduction of innovative, more energy efficient products was developed and tested in a number of pilot projects. Concrete results included a clothes drier with the energy use cut by half (the first “Class A” drier), electric motors with losses reduced by 20- 40% and a “copier of the future” where the energy use was reduced down to 25%. After evaluation of proposals and prototypes, the suppliers received the “IEA DSM Award of Excellence”.

Two workshops were organised during the years, each with about 80 participants. Formulation of performance criteria and creation of mechanisms for recognition are two important elements in technology procurement efforts.

Appendices to Task 3 Final Management Report, March 2000

28 March 2000

Appendices to Task 3 Final Management Report, March 2000