Task 6

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Research Report No 3: Developing Mechanisms for Promoting Demand-Side Management and Energy Efficiency in Changing Electricity Businesses

1 August 2000

Presents the final results of Task 6, including: 1) how the 25 mechanisms were developed; 2) detailed descriptions of the developed mechanisms; 3) analysis of the public policy implications of the mechanisms. The report is divided into two parts. Part 1 contains the methodological and analytical material. Part 2 comprises the descriptions for the 25 mechanisms.

Research Report No 2: Public Policy Implications of Mechanisms for Promoting Energy Efficiency and Load Management in Changing Electricity Businesses

1 July 1999

Analyses the impact of different electricity industry structures on the effectiveness of existing mechanisms in promoting the implementation of energy efficiency and load management. The findings were used to: 1) identify existing mechanisms to be examined in more detail, and 2) identify possible new mechanisms to promote load management and energy efficiency in restructured electricity industries and competitive electricity markets.

Research Report No 1: Existing Mechanisms for Promoting DSM and Energy Efficiency in Selected Countries

1 October 1998

For those countries which participated in Task 6, this report reviews: 1) the electricity industry composition and structure; 2) mechanisms to promote the implementation of DSM and energy efficiency by electricity businesses.