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Issue 21 Spotlight Newsletter November 2003

4 December 2006

Issue21_Spotlight- Task 8: Demand-Side Bidding in a Competitive Electricity Market
New Programme Work
– Demand Response Resources / Time of Use Pricing and Energy Use for Demand Management Delivery / Network Driven DSM
– Task 9: Municipalities Face the Challenge of Liberalisation
Aggregation / Acting as Market Players / Local Energy Planning

Issue 22 Spotlight Newsletter August 2004

4 December 2006

Issue22_Spotlight- New Strategic Plan Responds to Changes in the Energy Market
– New Reports on Energy Efficiency Guidance for Local Government
– Work on Demand Response Gathers Pace
– Up Close and Personal: Ross Malme

Issue 23 Spotlight Newsletter December 2004

4 December 2006

Issue23_Spotlight- Workshop on White Certificates Focuses on UK Experience
– China’s Surging Electricity Demand Needs DSM
– Opportunity to Partner with the Climate Technology Initiative
– Up Close and Personal: Antonio Capozza

Issue 26 Spotlight Newsletter November 2005

4 December 2006

Issue26_Spotlight- REEEP and the DSM-Programme – A Perfect Match?
– Demand Response – Building a DR Toolkit
– New Work: Competitive Energy Services
– New Publication: Evaluating EE Policies and DSM Programmes
– India Explores DSM Programme Membership

Issue 27 Spotlight Newsletter July 2006

4 December 2006

Issue27_Spotlight- DSM Gets a Makeover in the EU
– In Norway: R&D Focus on Market Based Demand Response
– In Denmark: Energy Efficiency the Danish Way
– New Work: Task 17 – Integration of DSM, Energy Efficiency, Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy Sources
– DSM Programme Identifies Challenges Facing DSM and EE

Issue 28 Spotlight Newsletter December 2006

22 December 2006

Issue28_Spotlight- Special Functions of Any Demand Response Technology
– South Korea Takes on DSM
– White Certificates
– Ireland Considers DSM Programme Membership
– Who Benefits From Demand Response Technologies
– New Publications: Time of Use Pricing & Energy Use


Issue 29 Spotlight Newsletter July 2007

18 July 2007

Issue29_Spotlight- Task 13: Demand Response Resources
– Task 15:  Network Driven DSM
– India – DSM Policies & Strategies
– US – Report to Congress, Calls for more Utility-Delivered Energy Efficiency

Issue 30 Spotlight Newsletter December 2007

20 December 2007

Issue30_Spotlight- DSM on the Rise
– Task 16: Innovative Finance Options for Energy Service Projects
– Smart Metering: Now or Later
– India to Develop National Demand Side Management Roadmap
– New Publications: Task 11
– New Work: Task 18 – DSM and Climate Change, Task XI- Subtask on Demand Agrregate Route for Delivery of Smaller Customer Energy Services; and Branding of Energy Effiency

Issue 31 Spotlight Newsletter June 2008

24 June 2008

Issue31_Spotlight- Calculating the Greenhouse Impact of DSM Measures
– Energy Efficiency needs to be Commoditised
– New Work – Standardisation of Energy Savings Calculations
– Task 20 – Branding of Energy Efficiency
– Task 19 – Micro Demand Response and Energy Saving

Issue 32 Spotlight Newsletter January 2009

24 January 2009

Issue32_Spotlight- White Certificates: Italy- What’s new after four years of operation?
– Australia – States take the lead
– Task 15: Reports are bestsellers
– Proposed work: Preparing for the carbon future
– Task 16: Comprehensive refurbishment pf buildings with energy services
– New Task: Standardisation of energy savings calculations
IEA/ISO/IEC to host high-level workshop, international standards to promote energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions

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