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Issue 8 Spotlight Newsletter August 1999

4 December 2006

Issue8_Spotlight- DSM Trends in IEA Countries
– DSM Programme Initiating New Work: ESCO’s, Market Transformation, Flexible Customer Gateway
– DSM Programme Organises Workshops: Task VI, Mechanisms for Promoting DSM and Energy Efficiency in Changing Electricity Businesses- Practitioner – Workshops; and Task 3, Co-operative Procurement of Innovative Technology for DSM- Lessons Leaarned Workshop.

Issue 7 Spotlight Newsletter April 1999

4 December 2006

Issue7_Spotlight- Efficient Electric Technologies can Help Mitigate Global Climate Change
– Narrowband vs Wideband Communications Systems
– IEA DSM Programme Hi-Motors Competition – ABB wins IEA DSM Award of Excellence
– IEA DSM Programme Procurement Competitions
– INDEEP database available on the Internet

Issue 6 Spotlight Newsletter December 1998

4 December 2006

Issue6_Spotlight- New Work Focus on Municipalities’ Role in the Changing Electricity Market’, from Task 9
– First Phase of Work on DSM and EE in Changing Electricity Businesses Concludes, from Task 6
– Events and Publications.

Issue 5 Spotlight Newsletter July 1998

4 December 2006

Issue5_Spotlight- Reflections from the Past Chairman, Hans Nilsson
– Forming New Buyer Groups for LED Traffic Lights – from Task 3
– Work on Implementing DSM Technologies in the Marketplace Concludes – from Task 5

Issue 4 Spotlight Newsletter March 1998

4 December 2006

Issue4_Spotlight- The Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change and the IEA DSM Programme by Dr Harry Schaap, Vice Chairman
– Finnish EE Services Programme Benefits Consumers and Utilities –  from Task 5
– AEG Clothes Dryer wins IEA DSM Award of Excellence – from Task 3
– New Pubications

Issue 3 Spotlight Newsletter November 1997

4 December 2006

Issue3_Spotlight- New IEA DSM Programme Initiatives- DSB into Power Pools, Strategies for Developing an ESCO Infrstructure in Competitive Electricity Markets, The Role of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies and Global Sustainability, Market Transformation
– Communications Technologies Work to Expand – from Task 2
– Mechanisms for Promoting EE and DSM in Changing Electricity Businesses – from Task 6

Issue 2 Spotlight Newsletter August 1997

4 December 2006

Issue2_Spotlight- Impact of Electricity Industry Restructuring
– Tracking DSM in New Business Environments – from Task 4
– Marketing DSM Technologies – from Task 5
– IEA DSM Programme and the World Bank Join Forces in Tanzania – from Task 5

Issue 1 Spotlight Newsletter March 1997

4 December 2006

Issue1_Spotlight- An Interview with the Chairman, Hans Nilsson: What is Demand-Side Management?, What are some of the results and impacts that you expect from the IEA DSM Programme?
– Access to World Wide Data – from Task 1, INDEEP: DSM and EE Technologies and Programmes Database
– The Importance of Communication Technologies – from Task 2
– Technology Procurement Initiatives Improves Product Energy Efficiency – from Task 3

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