Task 11 – Time of Use Pricing and Energy Use for Demand Management Delivery


Task 11  increased the motivation of smaller customers to save energy through energy end use presentation, modify their energy demand profile through time of use pricing and provide mechanisms for their bidding demand into competitive energy markets.

Achieved Results

  • Results showed that EUMF, TOU pricing and DSB can all deliver valuable demand profile change benefits and achieve financial benefits. Relatively small amounts of demand flexibility can have large benefits in reducing peak capacity requirements (see Figure).
  • EUMF results showed that face to face interviews with smaller customers and estimated disaggregation of demand are the preferred methodologies for delivering energy savings.
  • TOU pricing together with remotely switched demand and limited customer override are the most cost effective methodologies for delivering reliable profile change.
  • The study showed that there is a role for Energy Service and Demand Aggregator Companies to bid the demand of smaller customers and assist system operation, improve supply security and reduce supply costs.
  • Profile and Demand Validation will not unduly constrain the development of Demand Response processes for smaller customers.

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Task 11: Final Report
Task 11: Executive Summary Final Report
Task 11: Subtask 1 Report
Task 11: Subtask 1 Executive Summary
Task 11: Subtask 2 Report
Task 11: Subtask 2 Executive Summary
Task 11: Subtask 3 Report
Task 11: Subtask 3 Executive Summary
Task 11: Subtask 4 Report
Task 11: Subtask 4 Executive Summary
Task 11: Subtask 5 Report
Task 11: Subtask 5 Executive Summary

Task 11 Flyer

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Denmark, Finland, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom

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Operating Agent: Richard Formby, EA Technology (retired)

Henrik Weldingh, Denmark
Seppo Kärkkäinen, Finland
Hannu Pihala, Finland
George Damaskos, Greece
Arnold J.W. Sijben, Netherlands
Carmen Rodriguez Villagarcia, Spain
Javier Soto, Spain
Margareta Borgström, Sweden
Linda Hull, United Kingdom

Task duration:

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