Task 2 – Communications Technologies for Demand-Side Management


Task 2 started in 1993 and was concluded in 2003. In consequence the Task carried out work over the whole period of transition of utility businesses in many countries from utilities with a single product offering to full commercial companies. New utility businesses are now competitive entities seeking to offer a range of products to meet customer and market requirements. Task 2 was initially conceived to study the issue of providing cost effective communication for energy management services in a utility environment.

Achieved Results

Over the period of existence the Task developed, through input of participating countries, into a project to deliver cost effective energy management and energy efficiency improvement services, as well as a range of services which were percieved as meeting potential market and customer requirements. These services included remote diagnostics of energy consuming appliances, remote CHP and embedded generation management, as well as security and medical assistance provision. The bundling of multiple and diverse services was shown to be the most effective way of meeting financial viability requirements. Techno-economic studies were carried out to determine these issues.

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Task 2 Final Management Report – 2003

International Report: Definitions of Field Trials of Bundled Customer Services in Finland, Netherlands and UK

Executive Summary – Definitions of Field Trials of Bundled Customer Services in Finland, Netherlands and UK

Task 2 Flyer

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Australia, Canada, Finland, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and the UK

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Operating Agent: Richard Formby, EA Technology, United Kingdom (retired)

Dennis Stanley, Australia
Neil Burnett, Canada
Pentti Uuspää, Finland
Pekka Koponen, Finland
Jan Griffioen, Netherlands
Bjørn Grinden, Norway
Juan Comas, Spain
John Reeves, United Kingdom

Task Duration: October 1993 – May 2002

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