Task 4 – Development of Improved Methods for Integrating Demand-Side Options into Resource Planning


This Task reviewed and documented utility structures and integrated planning approaches in IEA-member countries. Participants performed a review and comparative assessment of government and utility power sector planning priorities in IEA-member and non-member countries with a view to their implications for the integration of DSM options into resource planning. They also compiled information on the methods, techniques and models for demand forecasting and integrated planning being used in their respective countries by utilities and government.

Based on this review, a guidebook was developed describing alternative approaches and summarising examples of how these methodologies have been incorporated. Case studies documenting successful applications from several countries were included. Taking into consideration the factors influencing DSM in participating countries, guidelines were developed on how to transfer processes, methods, techniques and models for incorporating DSM in resource planning from one country to another. Included in this book were issues related to differences in market conditions, supply characteristics, utility structure, regulatory environments, pricing and tariff structures and government policies.

Task 4 also investigated mechanisms to promote DSM and energy efficiency in new business environments. This included a critical review of mechanisms which have been used or proposed for use, to incorporate DSM and energy efficiency into restructured electricity industries. The results were presented in three workshops.

Achieved Results

Report comparing utility structures and characteristics in different countries.

  • Report on existing processes, models, methods and techniques in various electric resource planning applications.
  • Recommendations for development of improved methodologies.
  • Guidelines on transfer methods, techniques and models.
  • Guidebook approaches and methodologies for analysis and planning of demand-side programs and integration of DSM options in utility resource planning.
  • Report on existing and new mechanisms for promoting DSM and energy efficiency in new electricity business environments.

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Guidebook on Analytical Methods and Processes for Integrated Planning (1996)

(Preliminary) Concepts for New Mechanisms for Promoting DSM and Energy Efficiency in New Electricity Business Environments

Task 4 Flyer

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Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Korea (South), Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA.

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Operating Agent: Dr. Grayson Heffner, United States

Verity Saunders, Australia

Craig Hosking, Australia
Jens Rudbæk, Denmark
Seppo Kärkkäinen, Finland
Eero Pere, Finland
Jean Eudes Montcomble, France
Jean-Pierre Tabet, France
Walter Grattieri, Italy
Giancarlo Scorsoni, Italy
Hirosho Asano, Japan
Jeoung Mook Kho, Korea
Sok Bum Lee, Korea
Alf Olav Grinde, Norway
Jan Moen, Norway
Jesus Martin Giraldo, Spain
Anna Engleryd, Sweden
Chris Barclay, United Kingdom
Dilip Limaye, United States

Task duration:

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