Brugge, Belgium – “Smart Metering – to use less energy at peak times and less energy overall”

10 October 2007

Brugge, Belgium, 10 October, 2007

The workshop was hosted by: Directorate General of the Federal Public Service Economy.

“Smart Metering – to use less energy at peak times and less energy overall”

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International Experience

Overview of the IEA DSM Activities – presented by the the IEA DSM Executive Committee Chairman, Hans Nilsson, Sweden.

European Research Experience and Needs on Smart Metering – presented by John Parsons, European Smart Metering Alliance (ESAMA), project coordinator, the United Kingdom.

Methods for Saving Energy Using Smart Metering – presented by Richard Formby, E.A. Technology Ltd., the United Kingdom.

Smart Metering and Energy Using Behaviour – presented by David Crossley, Managing Director, Energy Futures Australia, Australia.

A Driver for Creating Energy Efficiency for Households – presented by Harry Vreuls on behalf of Rob Kool, Int. Sustainable Development Department, SenterNovem, Netherlands.

How to Use Smart Metering to Improve the Efficiency of the Electric System Operation – presented by Carmen Rodriguez Villagarcia, RED Eléctrica de España, Spain.

Belgian Experience

From Metering to Billing – presented by Geert Janssen, Sales Director, Ferranti Computer Systems, Belgium.

An Evaluation of Communication Means for Smart Metering in Flanders – presented by Geert Deconinck, K.U. Leuven – ESAT/ELECTA, Belgium.

Smart Metering – Responsibilities in the Unbundled Electricity Market - presented by André Even, Laborelec, Belgium.

Smart Metering – the Challenges – presented by Stefan Grosjean, C.E.O. van Energy ICT, Belgium.
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