Milan, Italy – White Certificates: the Italian experiences gained in Regulation, Monitoring & Verification and Electricity Market contexts

22 October 2008

Milan, Italy, 22 October, 2008

A workshop on: White Certificates: the Italian experiences gained in Regulation, Monitoring & Verification and Electricity Market contexts, was hosted by: CESI Ricerca, Milan, Italy, on 22 October, 2008

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Italy has been practising a White Certificates scheme for four years. The Italian involved actors are:

– The Ministry of Economic Development (MSE) – (the policy maker)
– The Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG) – (who set up the rules and the guidelines for the scheme)
– CESI Ricerca – one of the main contributors for the energy efficiency procedures for the eligible projects
– The Electricity Market Operator (GME) – responsible for handling the trade of White Certificates
– The National Agency (ENEA) – responsible for Monitoring & Verification of the energy efficiency projects.
– Obligation Bound Operators – (responsible for gaining white certificates)
– Eligible Agents – (they can perform energy efficiency projects awarded with white certificates)

This workshop was aimed at pulling together representative people coming from most of these organisations. The speakers updated the audience with proper details about gained experiences, attained results, faced inconveniences in the technical, legislative and market sectors and actions taken to overcome them. The second part allowed UK and Australia to give up-to-date information about their schemes, which showed many features similar to the Italian one. This session also allowed EC to express their general views on opportunities and problems connected to a EU-wide scheme of wide certificates.

The workshop was considered to be a very special opportunity to be informed by the voices of the directly involved parties not only of the principles of the Italian scheme (maybe they begin to be quite well known), but also of the implementation activities and the actual operational problems that have been handled and solved.

Welcome address – Ugo Graziani, Managing Director, CESI Ricerca, Italy

Background and workshop organisation – Antonio Capozza, Department of Power System Development, CESI Ricerca, Italy

Part I – The Italian Experience

The Regulator’s experience – Marcella Pavan, Head of Energy Efficiency, Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG), Italy

Challenges in Energy Efficiency Assessment – Walter Grattieri, CESI Ricerca, Italy

Italian White Certificates Market: main results and experience gained – Stefano Alaimo, Electricity Market Operator (GME), Italy

Examples of Monitoring & Verification Processes – Piero Incalcaterra, ENEA, Italy

An ESCo experience on Small Scale CHP – Andrea Tomaselli – Heat and Power, Italy

Some consideration about white certificates mechanism – Dario Di Santo, FIRE, Italy

Part II – The International Context

UK: A market-led response to energy efficiency – Paul Egerton, Department of Energy and Climate Change, United Kingdom

European Experience on Tradable Certificates for Energy Savings (White Certificates) – Paolo Bertoldi and Silvia Rezessy, European Commission, Directorate General, JRC, Institute for Energy, Italy

White Certificates in Australia – David Crossley, Energy Futures Australia Pty. Ltd., Australia

Discussion: Cross fertilisation among tried-out schemes: a useful path toward harmonisation?
– Antonio Capozza, CESI Ricerca, Italy