Storytelling in DSM – the New Zealand workshop

17 March 2014

The New Zealand ExCo workshop held on March 17, 2014 in Wellington was something a little bit different… Organised by Task 24 Operating Agent, Dr Sea Rotmann, it was entirely about storytelling. Every participant was tasked to tell a story, and given different formats and genres. The outcome was something really special and memorable as every speaker more than stepped up to the challenge and the audience enjoyed the new experience immensely.

FUN at Storytelling workshop

A lot of fun was had by the audience at the storytelling workshop in Wellington


Here is the IEA DSM NZ Workshop invite for the workshop and below are the presentations, including videos.

We started with an international overview in the genres of Travel and Adventure, the Hitchhiker’s Guide (to DSM), Sports (All Blacks of course!) and Wild West and Frontier and then went into NZ-specific examples, using genres such as an insulation love story, transport sci-fi, a solar fairy tale, classic Kiwiana, a political thriller and of course The Lord of the Rings… We even had a Bond Girl from the Treasury talking about the political thriller that is DSM and a Stormtrooper from NZ’s largest fuel retailer, Z Energy talking about the future of transport!

NZ workshop stormtrooper

Our Z Energy ‘stormtrooper’ talking about the future of transport energy

Our lovely NZ Treasury ‘Bond Girl’ talking about the political thriller of DSM


The world-renowned economist Skip Laitner talked about the future of energy efficiency and our Spanish expert and crack-cartoonist, Juan Pablo Garçia, sent us this charming video about vampire energy.