Seoul, Korea – “DSM – Most Desirable Policy Option for the Future”

18 April 2007

Seoul, Korea, 18 April, 2007

The workshop was hosted by:
Korea Institute of Energy Technology

and sponsored by:
Korean Energy Management Corporation

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

“DSM – Most Desirable Policy Option for the Future”

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Presentations made at the workshop:

Plenary Session

Energy Policies of Korea – presented by Ms. Young hee Kwon, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, MOCIE, Korea

DSM – a way to improve the performance of energy systems – Overview of IEA DSM Activities – presented by Mr. Hans Nilsson, Chairman of the IEA DSM Programme.

DSM Activities (Domestic)

Market Transformation for Energy Efficient Appliances – motors , lighting equipment and standby power – presented by Mr. Yungrae Kim, Korea Energy Management Corporation, KEMCO, Korea.

Demand Side Management of KEPCO – presented by Mr. Geum young Jung, Power Trading and DSM Dept, Korea Electric Power Corporation, KEPCO, Korea.

ESCO and Thermal Energy Storage for DSM in Korea – presented by Dr. Jein Yoo, Korean Association for Energy Service Companies, KAESCO, Korea.

The Current Status and Prospect of Distributed Generation in Korea – presented by Dr. Young Seok Jung, Korea Institute of Energy Research, KIER, Korea.

DSM Activities (International)

USA Activities on DSM (Demand Response & Energy Efficiency) – presented by Larry Mansueti, Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, U.S. Department of Energy, USA.

Australian Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management Activities – presented by Dr. David Crossley, Energy Futures Australia, EFA, Australia.

Demand Response in Nordic Countries – presented by Mr. Seppo Kärkkäinen, VTT, Finland.

DSM and Energy Services in Japan – presented by mr. Jun Kawana, Japan Facility Solutions, JFS, Japan.

DSM Policy Initiatives in India – presented by Mr. Saurabh Kumar, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, India.