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Espoo, Finland – Current issues in Demand Side Management

14 November 2012

Current issues in Demand Side Management Where: VTT, Tekniikantie 2, Espoo, Finland When: 14th November 2012, 09:30 – 16:30 Hosts: The International Energy Agency – Demand Side Management Programme (IEA-DSM) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland 08:30 – 9:30 Registration, coffee Session 1: DSM in Finland, chairman prof. emeritus Seppo Kärkkäinen 9:30- 9:50 The […]


Utrecht, the Netherlands: Workshop “New ways to achieve energy efficiency in the “polder model”

24 April 2013

Venue: Geldmuseum, Lidesweg 90, 3531 BG Utrecht Program 09:00 – 09:30  Registration 09:30 – 09:45  Introduction: Highlights in the IEA Implementing Agreement Demand Side Management, presented by Rob Kool, ChairCustomers, energy providers, network operators how to co-operate toensure continuation of energy savings in a more competitive energymarket? 09:45 – 10:05  Smart meters introduction in the […]


Lucerne, Switzerland – Workshop: Current issues in DSM

16 October 2013

Venue: iHomeLab – Hochschule Luzern, Technik & Architektur (Horw) Agenda 8.45 – 9.15 Registration, coffee 9.15 – 9.35 Introduction to IEA DSM: On the cutting edge of Energy Efficiency (Examples of what we do) presented by DSM Chair (Rob Kool) 9.35 – 10.00 New Swiss Energy Strategy 2050: A brief introduction presented by Markus Bareit, […]


Storytelling in DSM – the New Zealand workshop

17 March 2014

The New Zealand ExCo workshop held on March 17, 2014 in Wellington was something a little bit different… Organised by Task 24 Operating Agent, Dr Sea Rotmann, it was entirely about storytelling. Every participant was tasked to tell a story, and given different formats and genres. The outcome was something really special and memorable as […]

Vienna, Austria Workshop: Electricity of the Future: Renewables – Smart Grids – Active Customers.

15 October 2014

For Austria and Specifically the Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology almost 40-years of collaboration in the field of research and technological development within the International Energy Agency places an important addition to national and EU activities. The technology programme of the IEA is conducted by currently 40 Implementing Agreements. The activities of these multilateral […]

Cape Town, South Africa – International Conference: Domestic Use of Energy

30 March 2015 - 1 April 2015

Welcome to the 23rd International Conference on the “Domestic Use of Energy” (DUE). We know that the world and especially South Africa is challenged to find sustainable solutions to energy provision and energy must be used wisely, so it is essential that we research and find lasting solutions for the effective use of energy in […]

Halifax, Nova Scotia: Bright Business Conference – Energy Efficiency: Leading by example

20 October 2015

Welcome to the fourth annual Bright Business Conference. This is an occasion to celebrate achievements by the Nova Scotia business sector, to learn about best practices in energy efficiency here and elsewhere, and to think big about the next big things. Four years after the first Bright Business Conference, there’s no denying energy efficiency’s positive […]

International DSM Day – Halifax, Nova Scotia

21 October 2015

International DSM Day First roundtable sessions 1. Simplified M & V – presented by Operating Agent Task 16, Mr. Jan W. Bleyl, EnergeticSolutions, Austria (telecon) 2. Demand response services – presented by Operating Agent Task 17, Mr. Mattias Stifter, AIT, Austria 3. Energy efficiency and behavior change – presented by Co-operating Agent Task 24, Dr. […]

DSM Day – Stockholm, Sweden

16 March 2016

The Swedish Energy Agency together with the International Energy Agency Demand Side Management Energy Efficiency technology cooperation (IEA DSM) invited researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers to a full-day conference devoted to different aspects of demand side management in the energy field. The main objective of the day was to create an exchange between the work […]

DSM DAY – Brussels, Belgium

13 October 2016

The Role of DSM to Provide Flexibility in Electricity Systems The share of intermittent renewables in the electricity system is rapidly growing all over the globe. In the EU they will represent 35% of electricity production by 2020 and are expected to reach 50% by 2030. But already today, at peak moments renewables make up […]

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