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IEA Demand Side Management Energy Efficiency Technology Collaboration Program (DSM TCP)  is an international collaboration of 15 countries and 3 sponsors working together to develop and promote opportunities for demand-side management (DSM). DSM offers solutions to problems such as load management, energy efficiency, strategic conservation and related activities.

The work of the DSM Technology Collaboration Program is organised through a series of Tasks and reported in a number of publications. It is managed by an Executive Committee (ExCo). Visit the News page for the latest information on our activities.


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Upcoming Events

  1. BEHAVE conference
    5 September 2018 - 8 September 2018
  2. BEHAVE conference Task 24 workshop
    5 September 2018
     TASK 24 WORKSHOP INVITE AND AGENDA The emerging evidence suggests that our current economic and climate change paradigms need a radical shift with regard to the energy system. BEHAVE2018 is one of the major international conferences where we can discuss this important issue. This connected IEA DSM Task 24 workshop is designed to provide an overview to the wider systemic issues to do with behaviour change and to provide more hands-on solutions on how to solve them collaboratively. It will thus both introduce and practically support the issues that will be discussed at the BEHAVE conference. It is critical that we learn to understand our own and each other’s role(s), both as end users and as ‘Behaviour Changers’ (i.e., the people who are designing, implementing and evaluating interventions to change end user behaviour). This half-day workshop is designed to help energy 'Behaviour Changers' from all different sectors and use a human-centred energy system framework to redesign our approach to the work that we do. The workshop will include some insights from the first three years of theoretical meta-analysis as well as the more practically-focused tools of the second Phase of Task 24. This “toolbox for Behaviour Changers” will be presented by focusing on three interesting case studies from our participating countries – in the hospital, residential and transport sectors. We will also workshop some of the tools, including the ‘Behaviour Changer Framework’ to illustrate how to take a whole-system approach to the ‘human’ aspects of our energy system. It is a collaborative, shared-learning tool and supports a collective impact approach. We will also explore the role of storytelling in energy policy and practice as well as looking at how to better evaluate behaviour change programmes. Stories that are universal, easily understood, and memorable can help us overcome interdisciplinary jargon and ultimately break down silos between the different Behaviour Changers and the End User. All background papers for Task 24 can be found here: www.ieadsm.org/task/task-24-phase-2/. There is also the ERSS (Volume 31, Sept 2017) Special Issue co-edited by Dr Sea Rotmann on “Storytelling and Narratives in Energy and Climate Change Research”.

    Learning objectives:

    • Understand the difference between viewing the energy system through the human vs the technocratic lens
    • Map out the energy system from a human perspective and identify where you fit within it
    • Identify the best ways to interact with other stakeholders of the human energy system and develop strategies for partnering with them
    • Practice using energy narratives as a common language and develop an energy story that can be used during the conference and beyond
    • Learn about monitoring and evaluating behaviour change interventions beyond kWh and beyond energy


    13:00   Start, introductions 13:15   Overview of Task 24, with a focus on practical tools for Behaviour Changers 13:45   Presentation of 3 IEA DSM Task 24 case studies 14:15   Issues definition – what sector and behavioural issue do we want to focus on 14:30   Short break 14:45   “Behaviour Changer Framework” exercise 16:00   “Beyond kWh” and other behaviour change evaluation tools 16:30   General discussion and wrap-up 17:00   Networking and drinks
  3. Behavior, Energy & Climate Change (BECC) Conference 2018
    7 October 2018 - 11 October 2018
    Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill
  4. 2nd US/CEE Task 24 workshop
    11 October 2018 - 12 October 2018
    Department of Energy (DOE)
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